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Lyndi Sales: SHIP

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Measurements: 230 mm, oblong, 2000. Signed by the artist..Edition 6. Exposed spine. With etching plate
containing the book and a pair of printed white gloves. 44 pages incorporating gold leaf, gold Cameo
cigarette papers, tissue paper collages, stamps, cut-outs, fold-overs, strips of printed text paper, & etchings.
Bound by the artist with open spine with cotton thread & cotton tapes, black Indian petal paper boards with
inset copper plate hard ground engraving giving title, artist & illustration. Fine in tray case. Printed on
Fabriano Umbrio (dyed with tea) & Canson paper covered with painted calligraphic text. embedded in cover.
With collage, cut-outs, stitching, etching etc. In a solander box with hinged sides


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