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A carousel book made in response to the call for entries from the Bodleian Libraries and Designer Bookbinders for
an international designer bookbinding competition in 2013. I have never made a designer bookbinding and I didn’t
intend to start now but I entered this competition based on two things. First I heard Richard Ovenden speak at the
2011 Codex meeting and he emphasized that they wanted artists’ books for this competition. And second there
was a pop-up in the call publication. I selected the excerpts after reading the play a number of times, one line of
dialogue to represent the story being told in each of the five acts. I had not remembered the chorus from previous
readings and I have chosen to emphasize the timelessness of the play through repetition of the chorus and insertion
of modern equivalents for Verona. I have also added a commentary of my own beneath the repeated chorus. This
carousel book uses a format that I devised to allow for scenes and separate text panels. The spine tabbing, also of
my devising, functions both to hold the book together and to balance the thickness at the fore-edge. The text lines
were letterpress printed onto Mohawk Superfine 100 lb Text paper. The images were made with an ink transfer
mono-printing technique. The covers are printed on a handmade flax, abaca and linen paper from papermaker Mary
Hark. The book is enclosed in a clam-shell box covered with Japanese book cloth. Edition of 9 with one artist’s proof.

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