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Dmitry Sayenko: CIRCUS

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It is difficult to find a person who did not use to like the circus in his childhood. Even in the adults
the realm of clowns, trained animals, jugglers and acrobats dressed in bright costumes and
performing dangerous tricks evokes a maelstrom of emotions. By chance, I got into the circus
backstage through the private entrance and there I caught a glimpse of the life which is usually
hidden from a spectator who comes into the Circus through its main entrance.

Format: 9.646” x 12.598” inches (32?24,5 cm). Text: Samuil Marshak, 27 sheets with images
printed on both sides. Total quantity of images: 30 woodcuts, Type: Univers’22 & Bodoni’46, 18,36.
Handmade paper, printing & binding by the artist. Cover: colour woodcut, leather spine, special
slipcase. Edition: 12 numbered & signed copies

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