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Birgit Daa Birkkjaer: WATCH YOUR STEP

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At a journey to ancient maya culture sites in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras in 2014,
my self-defined project became taking photos of paths and steps.  The theme afterwards
inspirered me to make this little accordion miniature Artists Book that took form of steps. 
The opened accodion will hang down as a lang paper chain - or steps. The book is closed
by a band of footprints - a copy of footprints from one of the old maya 'codex books',
describing a long journey. On top of 'Watch Your Step' is a temple, that also does function
as a cover. When the book is closed, you will see that the cover now has formed a 'negative'
pyramide. On top of the photos is a 'Chacmool' - a figure, that was used for receiving the
offerings for the Goods. Enjoy the journey - step by step - and 'Watch Your Step'

Publisher: Betula Press 2014. Size of book: Closed: 5 x 5 x 0,5 cm.  Opened: 5 (13) x 110 cm.
No of pages: 26 pages (24 photos)  Open edition, numbered and signed ex. Materials: 100 gr.
Soft gloss laser papir, glue. Accordion book with own photos from a studio tour to ancient
maya culture sites in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras in 2014. Layout is made in Photoshop,
laserprinted, folded and glued


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