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Birgit Daa Birkkjaer: FIBER, PAPER ABC

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Publisher: Betula Press: 2009. 10 x 10,5 x 5 cm. Delivered in a box of white cardboard.
No. of pages : 24 (26). Limited Edition of 33 - signed and numbered. Paper: Hahnemühle 400 gr.,
clorine-free bleached recycled paper, 120 gr. Other materials - beside the ABC materials: PVA
glue and solvent free glue stick, metal, cotton, foam rubber, hemp.The cover is printed at an
Epson R2880 printer with archival ink. Index and colophon laserjetprinted on clorine-free bleached
recycled paper, 120 gr. Fonts: Hypatia Sans Pro, Lithos Pro

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