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Birgit Daa Birkkjaer: BLUE  BOOK

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This book was inspired by 'The Old Dyers Yard' in Ebeltoft, where natural duestuff as indigo was once used for the farmers handwoven clothes. Preparing an exhibition in the Dyers Yard, I dyed some yarn with natural indigo, and some af these beautiful blue colors, I used for handwoven covers for the little Blue Book. The first and last page have some text, but the other pages are blank, so you are wellcome to fill them out and make your own 'Blue Book'. In Denmark 'The Blue Book' is a book with all important persons, so may be you want to make it your personal book - or a book with your children, grand children or other important persons in your life - or just a 'Blue Book'.

Size: 3,5 x 5 x0,5cm. No of pages: 20.  Edition: Open Edition. The pages of the book is paper cut from old Music Books. The cover is hand woven of linen dyed with natural indigo. Laserprinted (first and last page), Simple binding (own technique). 2014


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