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This website is dedicated information about Artist's Books

The website is non-commercial and not public or private supported

The website promotes but do not sell the Artist's Books you find on the website. In case
you want to buy a work you have to contact the artist directly

The pictures on the website are copyright by the artists

If you want to get your Artist's Book(s) exposed at this website - free of charge - and you
have a website then allow us to use images and texts from the website !

If you don't have a websie then mail to
Fantasy Factory / Torben Soeborg - torben.soeborg@pc.dk

Attach one or two pictures as 300 dpi jpg-files of your work together with a short
information + your name and adress.

Fantasy Factory / Torben Soeborg
Themstrupvej 36, DK-4690 Haslev, Denmark

The design is purposely simple without disturbing ads and/or information and the same basic composition
is used for all the pages. Each artist has her or his own start-page with a list of and link to the artist's
books on the website and each Artist's Book has its own page.

In most cases this website only presents a selection of the artist's books. You have to use the link to
the artist's own website (or a related website) to view more Artist's Books by the chosen artist.


Fantasy Factory is not responsible for the information from the artists.